September 19, 2015

Tea shopping in London

My first Summer vacation, which took place in beginning of July, I went rowing on the Thames from Oxford to and through the entire city of London.

Passing through London meant, that we had some time for sightseeing as well as shopping in London. So I had in advance made a mental "shopping list" of buying tea and books, which I also managed to do.

Fortnum & Mason was for sure on my TO-DO-LIST both drinking tea and browsing through the various departments. Selecting the very pots of tea, which I had room for in my suitcase was a "tough job" among the many delicious teas in Fortnum & Mason. I decided to buy:
  • Rose Pouchong - tea & rose petals
  • Countess Grey - tea, flavouring (bergamot and light orange) & marigold petals
  • Chai - tea, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cumin, coriander, star anise & fennel

I can not wait until I have room in my tea tins to enjoy these teas :-)

Spending time in book shop is another TO-DO thing for me, and London is full of book shops. I think I spend one hour (too little time) doing only a small browsing around a book shop of 5 floors !!! Besides from English crimes I found a cake baking book called "Sucré" from Ladurée, a cake book full of mouth-watering photos.

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