October 20, 2016

Apple harvest of 2016 is in house

My "big" apple harvest is in the house or rather the harvest is stored outside the house :-)

I have two apple tree in my "little" park. One unknown apple tree in pillar sharp and the second tree is a "family" tree, which should have 3 different sorts of apples, however I can see two different sorts (Philippa and Ingrid Marie).

Today I have harvested all my apples, as the apples have been tumbling down, when the wind is busy in the garden. The apples harvest has been divided into two portions. One portion of apple, which will be stored, and the second portion of apples with damages, which will be juiced.

Two years ago I brought some old fashion looking apple storage boxes.

The first I stored my apples in a small outbuilding, where the mice held a big party, where I and Hannibal the Cat were not invited.

Last year I decided to store my apples next to the kitchen door outside the house, so Hannibal the Cat could take care of the mice. Here the blackbirds had an apple feast of their own, again without issuing any invitations to me.

This year I am trying out a new storage place, this time on the balcony on the North side of the house, and placing some newspaper on top. Hopefully I have an apple feast for myself this year. And if you come around you are invited to taste one of my home-grown apples :-)

While I was harvesting I could see how many figs from the second fruit setting, which my fig tree is having. However, the second fruit setting will never mature in Denmark due to our climate. So I can only harvest figs from the first fruit setting of the season, which also was quiet big this year, so I actually made fig jam of figs from my garden.

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