August 21, 2011

Could you have too much chocolate ?

I never thought, that I would be in a situation, where I have had too much chocolate !!!! Is it actual possible to eat too much chocolate ?

During my summer vacation in Switzerland, my friend and I went visiting the Cailler chocolate factory located in Broc (

The visit starts with an introduction to the history of chocolate, where you can smell chocolate every where in the rooms. It is actual amazing to be guided around and being surrounded by the flavour of chocolate.

After the story of chocolate we could see as well as smell all the different kind of ingredients used in the production of chocolate. When we saw some part of the chocolate factory.

At the very end of the tour we got into THE CHOCOLATE TASTING ROOM !!!! Or should you call it chocolate heaven ? And here we could taste many different types of chocolate produced at the factory. And the plates with chocolate were quiet big and you could try as many bites of chocolate as you wanted. Half way through the room my entire body was full, and it is was a bite of a struggle to taste the rest of the all the chocolate !!!

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