August 27, 2011

Some more food shopping in Switzerland

Yes, I was bringing various Danish food stuff with me to Switzerland, but I also returned with different food from as souvenirs instead of the usual T-shirt or plastic stuff, as eating the food at home remind you again of a good vacation.

The milk chocolate from Cailler has already disappeared into my stomach ! I find it to be great combination of caramel and salt. The Swizz biscuit from Basler Läckerli is still surviving in my kitchen, it reminds me off the German style of lebkuchen, uhm :-). In Gruyère I found some home-made soap, which really looks like slices of cake !!!

 From the visit to the Emmental dairy I brougth three different type of Emmental cheese, a mild version stored for 6 months, a medium version stored for 12 months and a stronger version stored for 18 months.
I am really looking forward to taste these different matured Emmentalers.

From the Kambly biscuit factory I brought a collection of both sweet and savoury biscuit including some biscuits in traditional style metallic tin. I can simply not refuse these marketing offers in form of package deal in form of the food stuff in question combined with a metallic tin. I always end up buying these food offers !!!!

My friend gave me three bottles from white wine from Germany, which I looking forward to drink at a later occasion.

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