August 01, 2011

Selection of THE BEST lemon mousse

First of all a BIG THANK YOU to Lars, who was very busy with making all these four lemon mousses to us :-). He did a great job following the recipes point for point without making any modification at all. 

The lemon mousses received a number, so the evaluation was done in complete "blindness", so none of the tasters were biased against a certain lemon mousse recipe. And each of the four tasters was evaluating the  lemon mousse on the following parameters:

  • Structure in the mousse - presence of air bobbles: blind to many air holes
  • Lemon colour - lemon colour in the bottom layer of the mousse: milky white to lemon yellow
  • Gel strength - press the mousse against the palate, evaluate the strength: no gel to firmness of wine gum
  • Mouth viscosity - how much is the mousse filling in your mouth: low to high
  • Mouth melt down - how fast is the mousse melting in your mouth - fast to slow
  • Lemon taste - amount of lemon flavour: cream taste to lemon
  • Lemon sweetness - amount of lemon sweet: lemon sour to lemon sweet
  • Aftertaste of lemon - how long is the lemon flavour lasting in your mouth: short to long
  • Overall acceptance: how much do you like the entire lemon mousse: not at all to like very much
The first lemon mousse on the menu was one created by Løgismose.
This mousse contained three layer:
  • the lemon bottom layer
  • the middle cream topping
  • a apple gel as top layer.
The lemon layer was not having any air bobbles at all and quiet firm like a wine gum. And the melt down in the mouth was slow.

This new interpretation of lemon mousse was not liked at all by us as panel.

The second lemon mousse was based on the traditional recipe, which you can find in the cooking book "Frøken Jensens Kogebog".

This mousse had a airy mousse structure with medium melt down, good lemon flavour and medium lemon sweetness. This version was evaluated as the second best lemon mousse.

The third lemon using the recipe from "Mormor Mad" by Camilla Plum did not have the normal cream topping.
However, it had three layer in the actual mousse. A fluid quiet sour lemon layer, a layer with holes and layer full of air bobbles.
It was the most lemon sour mousse with a lot of lemon bitterness.
All in all the taste (sour and bitter) was disliked by the entire group of tasters.

The last mousse tasted turned out to the preferred lemon mousse due to it´s airy structure, medium melt down, a good balance between sweet and sour. This lemon mousse was made using a recipe from the yellow dessert book by Tørsleff.

I will share this recipe with us later on in this week.

And the next selection process of THE BEST recipe will be made with focus on lemon cake also known as lemon moon or "citronmåne" in Danish. But we are talking winter time 2012 before we will endure a tasting session on lemon moon !!!

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