July 31, 2011

Looking forward for selection of the best lemon mousse/citron fromage

I am really looking forward to the grant selection process of the BEST LEMON MOUSSE (citron fromage in Danish) today !!!! I will later on share the outcome of our selection process as well as sharing the winning lemon mousse recipe with you all. 

Do you have a favourite recipe on lemon mousse ?

This selection will be done by a group of fantastic dairy friends, which are living our life on the edge !!!! as the lemon mousse will be made from un-pasteurised eggs !!!!!
Please be aware off, that using un-pasteurised egg in desserts, which not are cooked or baked,  is NOT to be recommended at all due the risk of salmonella !!!!!
However, we are group of dare egg-devils :-)

As a small token of our appreciation for the work done making these lemon mousses we as guests have found a hostess gift with focus on - guess what - LEMON:
  • lemons (organic)
  • lemon chocolate
  • lemon pepper
  • lemon curd
  • lemon olive oil

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