July 14, 2011

Freshly picked blackcurrants from some friend's kitchen garden

Some friends of mine living in a neighbour city have a relative big kitchen garden. And in this kitchen garden they grow blackcurrants, not just common blackcurrant, but mega, mega BIG blackcurrants. I do not know, if my friends are talking or singing to their blackcurrants or if they are doping them !!!!! These blackcurrants are bigger than the "normal" blackcurrants, which you can buy in shops.

And yesterday afternoon on my way home from work I visited my friends and their kitchen garden in order to pick blackcurrants to coming activities in my kitchen. And besides from picking blackcurrant with the help of a friend, I was also served afternoon tea with freshly baked scones and home-made jam. Perfect afternoon for a very rainy summer day :-) Thank you for blackcurrants, afternoon tea and good company :-))

I arrived home with approx 2 kg blackcurrants, which now either are sleeping in the freezer or preparing them selves for these coming activities:

I will share these recipes with you later on.

Do you have some interesting suggestions for how, I can use the rest of these big blackcurrants ?

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