July 24, 2011

Ice cream for lunch !!!

Ice cream for lunch is not a political correct at all. However, ice cream was the major part of my lunch yesterday !!

During my second summer vacation in beginning of July, where I went rowing in the Masurian Lake area in Poland, I meet a rower from Aalborg. And we agreed to meet again here in July for a picnic row from Aalborg to Aabybro Dairy and return (44 km) in order to eat buttermilk soft ice at Ryå Is.

And 3 other rowers thought this was a great idea and decided to join in, even though the weather forecast did not look fantastic yesterday. We had some rain in the morning combined with some more wind in the afternoon, wind against us on the return row.

As starter we had buttermilk soft ice, which is a strange combination of sweet coming from sugar and freshness coming from buttermilk. I had a medium size, which was actually quiet big size.

Some of us, when continued with a main course in form of ice cream based on real dairy cream. Here I had liquorice ice cream, which had a very good tasting liquid liquorice filling. It was a good ice cream, but I personally prefer a stronger taste of liquorice.

As dessert I ate a home-made sandwich with a chicken filling. And when my stomach was full !!!

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