March 08, 2012

New Marimekko stuff for my kitchen

When I am on business trips to Finland, my Finnish sales colleague always ensure, that a "pit stop" is included, when we drive from the first customer to the second customer. This "pit stop" takes place at the Marimekko outlet shop in the Helsinki area.

This time plenty of Marimekko thing found it´s way into my suitcase and later on into my kitchen. I got an apron, table cloth, napkins, tea cup and a tulip-sharped cookie cutter. And all these items were brought with a discount :-)

Besides from various Marimekko stuff, I as usual, was filling my suitcase up with as well tooth paste containing xylitol, which has an excellent effect on preventing tooth decay, chewing gum based on 100% xylitol and Salmiakki chocolate, milk chocolate with liquorice liquid filling, to ensure, that the xylitol will have something to work for.

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