March 22, 2012

Easter trees in my garden

Using my extended week-end trip to Germany as inspiration I decided to decorate an apple tree (in my garden) as well as two tree hydrangeas (in my front garden) yesterday afternoon, as the sun was shining from a high blue sky.

It is the very first time for me making this kind of Easter decoration in my garden. So perhaps I should regard myself as a trend setter for the local neighbourhood or could it be, that first mover is a better word to use ?

While I was busy decorating my garden for Easter, Hannibal the Cat was keeping himself close by in case, these plastic Easter eggs would break and turned out to be real eggs. Raw egg is some of Hannibal the Cat´s  favourite food.

Have you decorate for Easter yet ? And are you as well decorating your garden for Easter ?

German Easter tree

Hannibal the Cat looking out into his reverie

Hannibal the Cat testing, if the tree should taste like mouse meat


  1. I LOVE Hannibal your cat, he is very handsome!

    1. Hi Karen,

      thank you for your comment. And yes, Hannibal the Cat is one handsome looking garden lion. Perhaps he could earn his own money for his cat food being a photo model ?

      Many greetings from Hannibal´s land lady

  2. Hi Erbse,

    you have to start some where and let´s keep the old Danish saying in mind "Many small springs make a big river". I am open for donations of decoration Easter eggs for my garden :-)


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