March 21, 2012

Extended week-end to Germany

Luxury private labels within food from REWE

German cream yogurt - uuuhmmm

Birthday cake decoration and poppy seed filling for cake
This week-end I was on an extended week-end to Germany together with my mother. And as usual a trip to Germany ALWAYS involved some serious food shopping. Either because the price level is lower in Germany or simply because you can not some of these food types in Denmark.

As usual we went to REWE (German supermarket chain), which have their own private label of luxury food at reasonable price level. This time I got fresh pasta, pasta sauce and chips with mustard taste.

To fill my need for some eatable yogurt I again got some cream yogurt with a serious fat content !!!!, which just taste PERFECT.

Within the baking area I found decoration for a up-coming birthday cake and a bake filling for a cake based on poppy seeds. I have a good work colleague, which has lived in Germany, and she has an addiction for cakes with poppy seeds, so I think I will test this filling on her.

And in case I get no Easter Eggs for the upcoming Easter, I got a little collection of Easter Eggs for myself.

German Easter egg for myself

Mistletoe with tree
Our first stop-over we had at an inn located in an old monastery mill (, which is situated in the upper area of the Weser River. The food is excellent and the Sunday Brunch is a big meal on it´s own.
Many of the tree in the neighbourhood are covered with mistletoe, which keeps re-minding me about, that I would like very much to have my very own mistletoe in my own little garden. However, I am uncertain, which type of tree will be a perfect host for mistletoe.

Basilica in Bursefelde at Weser River, Germany

Fürstenberger style of toilet lady

Fürstenberger style of toilet man

Germany style Easter tree

In Germany you will find, that people decorate tree or bushes in their garden with different type of eggs in the time up to Easter. I really like this tradition, so therefore I found some Easter Egg for my own garden. I will share the outcome of my Easter  decoration capabilities in the near future.

And finally we saw the blue-lilac coloured wonderful carpet of crocus in the park surrounding Husum Castle. I can only recommend you to visit this park, it is such a beautiful sighing. You can read more about these crocus of Husum here: It turned out to be a perfect timing to come on a normal week day, so we did not have to walk in one big bunch of people all doing the same thing.
And the amount of crocus is overwhelming, you see crocus in all direction. Can you imaging to have such a blanket/carpet of crocus in your very own garden ? And the other thing popping into my mind, how to get hold of these Husum crocus for your private garden  in legal way (= without digging up these crocus in park without any permission) ?

My own grass lawn is closer to the look of the little park located in the city centre of Frederichstadt, well with fewer crocus. I will post a picture of my crocus in the lawn in the near coming future.

Crocus and Hollanders style of houses in Frederichstadt

"Blanket/carpet" of Husum crocus

Husum Castle with crocus in front

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