March 11, 2012

"Silver Ore" lunch for rowers

As a "thank you" to my fellow rowers for rowing together with me last year, so I managed to cross the required 1000 km for a "Silver Ore" (actual I rowed this very magic number of 1.111 km in 2011), I decided to invite the rowers, who have spend most time together with me in the rowing boat, for lunch today.

In order to make it "easy" for myself, I got my local "cheese pusher" (Osteriet) for make both a cheese as well as sausages selection, so I only had to bake some bread. My "cheese pusher" actually want to sell me some nice bake-off bread together with the cheese and sausages, but here I "stood firm", so I could continue on my task of baking my way through the bread book "Hjemmebagt".

As the individual bread were relative small, only 500 g flour per dough, I decided to bake 3 different types of bread. You are always very uncertain, will 2 breads be enough or not, so not to place myself in the situation with too little bread, I took the decision of baking 3 breads.

Two breads from the bread-book (Lavender Bread and Apricot Bread) and my very oven creation of an olive bread. I will share this recipe with in a few days.

Have a look at these wonderful hostess gifts, which I received from my fellow rowers, something for use in both my garden and kitchen. I think, they know me to well from all these hours spend in each other company on open water.

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