March 18, 2012

Product test 7 - Urtekram dinner kit Thai nudles

I have been taking another step towards the finishing line trying the entire range of dinner kits from Urtekram, the first being whole grain lasagna, the second being chicken with cinnamon and curry and the third being Morocco dinner kit .

The fourth and final box tested in my kitchen is a mild Thai wok dish, again made with chicken. This time I made a reduction in the cooking time of 5 minutes to maintain of a bit in the vegetable. Another 5 minutes reduction for the cooking time with the vegetables would have been even better in my opinion.

The Thai dish is the best tasting of the four different dinner kits, but again the taste is too mild for my expectation to the Thai kitchen. A more rich taste/flavour, perhaps combined with coconut milk, would have been a way of fulfilling my idea about the Thai kitchen.

And asking the usual question of mine, would I have paid full price for this Thai meal dinner kit ? And yet again my answer would have to be NO.

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