June 28, 2012

Second round of birthday celebration

The birthday cake for second round
Some great friends came around last Sunday to celebrate my birthday, one month delayed. I bravely enough had invited for afternoon coffee/tea in the garden. And this is brave living in Denmark !!!! However, I had a plan B, which meant drinking the afternoon coffee/tea in-side, which were highly appreciated by my guests, as Sunday was a day full of rain. Even Hannibal the Cat was un-happy with the situation, as he dis-likes a wet fur, so he spend quiet some time sleeping on top of the garden garbage container !!!!!
Hannibal the Cat being un-happy with the rainy weather

My good friends from Horsens had been checking my blog before leaving home in order to see, if I posted the "menu" in advance. But this was not the case this time.

Also some of the birthday guests had expectation about me serving a new version of strawberry cake version 2.0, which this cake was not on the "menu" for this afternoon !!!!

The "menu" was:

  • sandwiches with egg salad and cucumber & cream cheese
  • saffron scones with whipped cream and fresh strawberries
  • muffin with rhubarb and white chocolate
  • birthday cake
  • cookies with ginger and white chocolate
  • Birthday cake "on fire"
The birthday cake was made from sponge cake layer being brushed with blackcurrant rum before applying vanilla cake cream and fresh strawberries. I ended up by mixing left-over of the blackcurrant rum with icing sugar. The side of the cake was decorated with whipped dairy cream.
As final touch I added birthday candles. However, these candles did not perform according to my expectations, as they only lasted a very short time combined with dripping searin on the icing.

One part of the birthday gift to me was this cooking book called "Te og kager - Året rundt" by Lilian Nøhr & Mette Odgaard. I am very much looking forward to try all these afternoon tea recipes in my kitchen.

A big thank you to my friends celebrating this day with me. I highly appreciate your great company :-)

Prefect birthday gift for a tea and cake lover as I

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