June 29, 2012

Rumtopf - now with strawberries inside

Strawberries ready to join the Rumtopf
My originale "supplier" of strawberries for the Rumtopf went on summer vacation last week, while I was on business travel in USA, so I was left in a situation, where I needed to find a new strawberry "supplier" among by my work colleague. Luckily it was an easy task to find a replacement supplier of the needed strawberries :-)

I only made a request of small container of Danish strawberries, which turned out to be a small bucket full of strawberries placed on my desk this morning at work. Good that I did not ask to get a large container of strawberries !!!! In this case I would have run out of rum :-) The flavour of sun warm freshly picked strawberries are intoxicating :-)

On my list of "fruit supplier" I have the following remaining fruits:

  • redcurrant
  • raspberry
  • blackcurrant
  • blackberry

However, I am still on the look out for new fruit suppliers to the Rumtopf only with Danish fruit inside grown in people´s own garden.

Strawberries in the pot
I cleaned the strawberries and divided them into half size. After weighing the strawberries I add them on top of the rhubarb inside the Rumtopf followed by sugar in half amount of the strawberries and finally I covered the strawberries with rum - Strohrum with 80% alcohol from Austria. After gentle stirring the fruit content I placed the lid again on the Rumtopf, so I could keep the alcohol damps inside the Rumtopf.

Content in Rumtopf as of today:

  • Rhubarb + sugar
  • 580 g strawberries
  • 290 g sugar
  • Strohrum

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