June 26, 2012

Summer Challenge 2012 - making a rumtopf

The Rumtopf Pot
Doing my best last Summer to put the Summer on glass for later use during a cold Autumn-Winter making various fruit alcohol, the next logical step for me would be to follow in the foot steps of Camilla Plum, who in her cooking programme "Mad der holder" during 8 episode made rumtopf using the fruit in season. You can her recipe here: Camilla Plum rumtopf.

During a nice afternoon tea table spend in Horsens with some very good friends we talked about making rumtopf, and it turned out, that my friends actually had an original rumtopf pot incl a bottle of Strohrum. And they very friendly "donated" the Rumtopf incl. the first bottle of rum, so it could spend 2012 in my little kitchen.

My next idea on making rumtopf is, that my friends and colleagues should donate fruit surplus from their gardens to the rumtopf, In my opinion it would be "too easy to make" this rumtopf just buying the fruit content from the supermarkets !!!! So therefore this little twist to my Summer Challenge :-) And yes, friends and colleagues have been informed by me about their "responsibility" and have all agreed to join in (without too much pressure).

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