June 18, 2012

Planting tomatoes and chili in the kitchen garden

Chili and three tomatoes just planted in their home for the Summer of 2012
Last week it was finally time for me to plant tomatoes and chili in the little kitchen garden. As these plants NOT are being protected by glass or any other type of shelter standing on the terasse against a south facing house wall, I have to be patient and wait until beginning/mid June, so I am sure the last chance/risk of night frost is over.

Planting my tomatoes so late also means it is quiet tricky to find someone actually selling tomatoes plants, as most Danes are growing their tomatoes in green house or in shelter places and therefore buying these tomato plants already in end April or beginning of May. However, I noticed, that the market gardener is selling tomato plants, chili plant and various herbs at the local market in my town centre, so I have been using the options for the last years for finding the plants for my kitchen garden.

This year I have brought a chili plant and three different tomato plant, one free land tomato, one cherry tomato and one Greek tomato. I am planting these plants in a bag of planting earth, which is placed on top of box full of water (approx 70 liter of water). This means, that you only have re-fill these planting box with water every 8-14 days depending on how warm the weather is.

Fig three with two figs June 2012
My fig three has again been having a cold winter this year, so it first now, that I am starting to see some fig leaves and two thinny small figs
And approx 7-8 weeks after planting potatoes I am having pots looking like a jungle. So soon I am hoping to picking my very own potatoes from these pots. I will keep you posted on this progress.
Potato "jungle" June 2012

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