December 03, 2013

Christmas Calendar 2013 Day 3 - Cinnamon sugar

The new BIG thing being discussed here in Denmark is cinnamon and the implementation of some EU legislation !!!! The baked goods are now being divided into traditional/seasonal baked good and fine pastries. The traditional baked goods can contain more of the "bad thing" (=coumarin), while the fine pastries will have a lower limit for coumarin.

The classic  kanelsnegl (cinnamon "snail" = Danish pastry with cinnamon sugar filling) is ended up in the group fine pastries, whereas the Christmas cookie "Jødekager" (Jew cakes, which is not a nice translation) is grouped as traditional/seasonal baked goods.

The amount of couramin depends as well as the type of cinnamon used. Many bakers are using cassia cinnamon (cheaper cinnamon) having a higher level of coumarin, which is toxic for our livers. The real cinnamon (Cinnamomum Verum), also known as Ceylon cinnamon, has a lower level of coumarin.

So now EU and the Danish food authorities are almost being blamed for destroying Danish culture, as the cinnamon "snail" has been grouped as fine pastries, while the Swedish food authorities has grouped their cinnamon bun as traditional based goods.
This leaves the Danish bakers with two options: reduced the amount of cassia cinnamon in the cinnamon "snail" or going back to use real cinnamon instead of cheating us consumers with low cost cinnamon.

Well, I like to use cinnamon (naturally only the REAL stuff) in my little kitchen, so I have decided to participate in this "cinnamon war" by introducing a new label "Cinnamon" for recipes containing cinnamon, adding a new line to my blog description and when by sharing this recipe on cinnamon sugar with you as a part of my Christmas Calendar 2013 :-))

For my non-Danish readers having no idea where to use cinnamon sugar, I would suggest that you could try it here:
  • sprinkle on rice porridge together with a lump of butter
  • sprinkle on Christmas cookies
  • sprinkle on top of these apple muffins with cinnamon before baking
  • sprinkle on top of orange slices served as refreshing dessert

UPDATE 1 December 2015:
This sugar is being forward for the monthly blogging event Tea Time Treats having the theme ofsugar and spice. Tea Time Treast is managed by Karen from Lavender and Lovage and Jane from The Hedge Combers.

Cinnamon sugar:
  • 8 tablespoons sugar
  • 4 teaspoon real/Ceylon cinnamon
  1. Add both sugar and cinnamon into the storage container.
  2. Close the storage container and turn it several times to mix every thing very well together.
  3. Store in a dark place.
  4. Sprinkle on top various food stuff as taste provider.

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