December 09, 2013

Christmas Calendar 2013 Day 9 - Liquorice almonds in lemon flavour white chocolate

This is my interpretation of Summerbirds liquorice almonds in white chocolate being lemon flavoured. They are not looking as delicate as the almonds from Summerbirds, they are having more of the rustic appearance, which is a classic characteristics of Kitchen of Kiki. And your mouth are only caring about flavour and texture !

Liquorice almonds in lemon flavour white chocolate:
  • 100 g almonds
  • 1 tablespoon sweet liquorice syrup
  • 100 g white chocolate
  • zest of 1 organic lemon
  • 5 drops of lemon flavour
  • 2 teaspoons of English liquorice powder
  1. Heat up the (conventional) oven to 200'C
  2. Mix the almonds with the sweet liquorice syrup, before placing them in baking stable tray.
  3. Roast the almonds at 200'C for 10 minutes.
  4. Cool down the almonds.
  5. Melt the white chocolate. I use my microwave oven for this purpose.
  6. Add lemon zest and lemon flavour into the melted white chocolate. Stir everything well together.
  7. Coat the almonds in the white chocolate.
  8. After the chocolate coating place the almonds on a piece of baking paper.
  9. Sprinkle the chocolate coated almonds with English liquorice powder through a sieve.
  10. Let the chocolate coated almonds dry, the part of the process takes a long time, 3-4 hours.
  11. Store the almonds in airtight container.

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