January 01, 2015

The last meal !!! of 2014

Moving from 2014 into 2015 was done in the good company of my good friends living in Horsens, while we enjoyed a 4 course "take - away" New Year´s menu from Le Gateau.

The food was very, very easy to prepare, and were delivered with preparation instruction.

The first starter was named "Hummer & Herbs" and took the shape of light creamy lobster bisque with herb / black truffle pesto with freshly baked baguette. The lobster bisque was very creamy with a great taste. 

The second starter came along with the name of "Champagne & Halibut". The halibut filet had been steamed in champagne. The fish was when served a wonderful creamy champagne cream sauce,
watercress pesto and some crispy rye bread chips. The sauce was so excellent, so we used the baguette left-over to soak every single drop of this sauce.

The name for the main course was "Calf & Hazelnut" and consisted of tournedos cut from Danish veal tenderloin. The meat was served several items in form of baked tomatoes with pine needles (final use of the Christmas tree ?), red onion marmalade and beetroot / raspberry puree and finally 
toasted hazelnut / potato duchesse and strong red wine sauce. The combination of beetroot and raspberry worked perfect, as the fresh of the raspberry covered any earth taste, which many times is the case, when eating beetroot. 

As we did not  have any room left for ice cream, when we some of us meet up for traditional Christmas lunch, we decided to have two desserts as well during the last meal of 2014. The first dessert was therefore nougat ice cream, liquorice ice cream and freshly baked liquorice marzipan cake (kransekage).

The second dessert was called "Dessert Plate". And it was actually too much cake being a part of 4 course menu ! The first cake was forest fruit mousse with soft caramel core and a crispy base. The second cake was a chocolate praline cake with Grand Cru chocolate ganache and crunchy chocolate with dried forest berries. And the final little thing was home-made raspberry marshmallow, The two cakes were served upon forest fruit syrup.

For the two starters and main course the amount of food were perfect adjusted. However, the dessert plate was too big and over-whelming. Here just one cake would have been OK in food amount.

The final part of the New Year´s menu was a piece of marzipan cake, which we actually did not managed to eat, as we were all very full after this last meal. So I still have my piece of marzipan cake, which I will enjoy later today.

In total I ended to with paying approx 53 € for the entire great tasting menu incl the almond cake for the actual transition from 2013 to 2014 excl. wine. I will give this New Year menu 5 stars.

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