January 06, 2015

Fredsted lakrids te for my tea pot 30

I have got this liquorice tea from Fredsted by my cousin in connection with PINK afternoon tea 2014. Now there was room among the daily teas, so I have taken this tea into rotation. My cousin knows my attraction towards liquorice, so this liquorice tea from Fredsted is very fitting to me.

The Fredsted liquorice tea is made from black tea with addition of 1.5% liquorice flavour. The flavour profile is for sure liquorice, however, the liquorice taste is not over the top in any way. The taste is good, but I would buy another type of liquorice flavour tea myself, as I am expecting much more liquorice flavour from a liquorice tea. The size of the tea leafs is actually having a quiet big size.

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