January 13, 2015

Kusmi Christmas Tea for Magasin for my tea pot 31

Christmas tea can be sommething of challenge to navigate within. Sometimes the flavour profile is perfect, and you can continue to drink this Christmas tea into January/February Other times your taste buds becomes overwhelmed by the flavour of the Christmas tea, so you either give the tea away or throw it out to get ride off it. And other times again you can find out, why the tea is a Christmas tea, as there is no Christmas profile about it.

For me a Christmas tea should have a spicy profile with various addition of other element than tea leafs. And I do not like it, when one flavour dominates the entire tea.

The Kusmi Christmas tea produced exclusive for Magasin du Nord is one of my favourite Christmas tea, as both look and taste appeals to me. The tea is made from black Chinese tea with flavour addition of orange, almonds, spices and rose petals.

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