January 27, 2015

New mile stone - 1000 blog posts

Another amazing mile stone is being passed with this very specific blog post, as this very blog post is post number 1.000 being published on this blog !!!!!!!

Did I imaging, that I would be writting 1.000 blog posts, when I started blogging ? NO
Did I imaging, what I would spend my time on in my kitchen, besides from cooking and baking ? NO
Did I imaging, I would had baked all the recipes in "Hjemmebagt" ? YES
Did I imaging having readers around the globe ? NO

But somehow I have been writting 1.000 blog posts !!!!

And somehow I have spend my time:
  • baking cakes and cookies - today I was actually nominated for "Good to the core value" by work colleagues for my involvement in raising money towards figthing breast cancer by selling muffins. I am amazed over this nomination :-)
  • becoming better at bake bread
  • making my own ice cream
  • drinking cocktails
  • creating jams - this apricot jam with lavender was awarded as one of the five best home-made Danish jams of 2014 :-) I am quiet proved of this achievement
  • enjoying my own home-made juices from both fruit and vegetables
  • gathering friends and family for various afternoon tea session 
Somehow I had imaging, that after more than 4 years I should have been able to bake the entire 73 recipes in "Hjemmebagt". Assume at some stage I will have done it !

More and more of you readers are coming from out-side Denmark, perhaps this is is related to the popularity of Nordic kitchen ? I do not know, but I welcome all of you into my little kitchen :-)

The overall Top 10 for the 1.000 blog post look like this:

As usual I am ending the mile stone review with an update on my KPIs for the blog looks like this (in my professional life colleagues and managers are discussing Key Performance Indicators on a regular basis):

Review day: 25 January 2015
Start day - first posting: 13 November 2010
Development on "Hjemmebagt": 73 recipes - 34 accomplished = 39 recipes to bake
Amount of cooking books in my kitchen: 77 books
Page views: 191.863
Publish posts: 1.000 incl. this
Followers: 16
Blogs followed: 17

Page view per country:
  • Canada: 1%
  • Norway: 1%
  • Ukraine: 1%
  • Portugal: 1%
  • Germany: 3%
  • UK: 4%
  • France: 4%
  • Russia: 7%
  • Other countries: 23%
  • Denmark: 24%
  • USA: 31%
Hope to see you soon :-)

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