February 26, 2015

Progress on sofa cushion

My sofa cushion project is moving ahead for full speed, as you can see. For the knitting I have used 100% wool yarn in superwash quality (9 x 50 g), with a size fitting for knitting needle in size 3½-4.

Both the front and back are finished. The front side concists of 9 patches, each patch is 20 x 20 cm. I have used 4 colours for the front, while the back side mainly in knitted only in sage green colour with smaller strips in dark green, spring green and aqua blue.

Below you can see my initial drawing for the 9 patches. I ended up with knitting:
  • 2 patches in garter style (ret strik)
  • 1 patch in stocking stitch (glat strik)
  • 1 patch in pattern of small squares in either garter style or stocking stitch, each square is 5 knit stitches and 5 rows
  • 1 patch in rib knit (rib strik)
  • 1 patch in moss stitch (perlestrik)
  • 1 patch in double moss stitch (dobbelt perlestrik)
  • 1 patch in sailot bubble (sømandsbobler)
  • 1 patch in double moss stitch, where the pattern is rowing 1 knit stitch after 2 rows and so on.

The back side is "only" knitted in garter style, and it is basic one big patch of 60 cm x 60 cm.

The 9 patches is sewn togther is the front side having a size of 60 cm x 60 cm, Afterwards I will sew the front and back side together in a pillow inside. The size of the pillow is a standard Danish size in form of 60 cm x 63 cm.

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