February 28, 2015

Saturated with liquorice - Lakridsfestival 2015

I am satured with liquorice after a visit to Lakridsfestival 2015 in Fredericia !!! For my good friends in Horsens this must sound almost impossible, that I can be saturated in liquorice. After 2 hours of tasting, tasting, tasting and yet some more tasting of various liquorice products I am actually satured in my taste buds of liquorice, I am have not even raided my goodie bag for any of the liquorice samples !!!! Lets see, how long this saturated state in my taste buds will last ?

After you had paid the entrance fees, where was plenty and yet some more liquorice goods, which you taste as much as you wanted. And you did not have the feeling, that the stand people were looking at you, when you decided to eat some more of their goods. This is excellent.

Besides from liquorice you could taste various normal food containing liquorice as seasoning, wine fitted to this food and finally a liquorice cocktail. I will been sharing this cocktail later on with you.

I will for sure be back again next year, if Lakridsfestivalen atter kommer til Jylland :-)

Anyway I did make various purchaces of liquroice products, so when the liquorice need gets over me, I should be able to do something about it.

At Møn Bolcher Møn Bolcher I found two version of white chocolate, one "plain" version only with liquorice and the second version with a trusted combination of liquorice and lemon. I also brought three glasses of liquorice. One glass of liquorice in white chocolate, raspberry and chilli, a second glass of liquorice in white chocolate and mint and finally the classic combination of liquorice in milk chocolate and liquorice powder !!!

 At a work station in the kitchen we could make our own taste version of liquorice with various ingredients. I decided to go for a combination of cherry, ginger and raw liquorice powder, which I finally dusted with "gold" as my very own glamour liquorice :-)

This was a very funny thing.
At the stand of Østerlandsk Thehus you could by five different liquorice teas in some wonderful metallic tins, a "plain" liquorice tea and the second version being Cool Mint. None of these teas contains any tea leafs.

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