March 01, 2015

Welcome to March - Welcome to the first month of Spring

Welcome to March -
Welcome to the first month of Spring

March is the first month of Spring. All the Spring bulbs are starting to put their heads above ground level out in the garden: Even the tulips are showing off with small green tops. So to have blooming tulips indoor I have to go the flower shop.

Hannibal the Cat has a strange attraction to tulips, he really like to bite their heads off, which can bring some conflicts, when he snaps off all the tulips heads in my little garden !!! He can also look with very keen interest and an open mouth at the blooming tulips indoor !!! After some talking with BIG LETTERs, he decided to sleep next to the tulips :-)

Here in March I have to big things on my agenda. The first is, that I will be picking up the finished ceramic tiles for my kitchen. It will be very exiting to see, how the mosaik will work in reality on the kitchen walls !!!!

The second thins is, that I will host the annual returning event of gold ore lunch for fellow rowers, where I gather all the fellow rower from the local rowing club, which has assist me in rowing 1607 km during the rowing season of 2014. This year I have decided to make a brunch, and the menu is almost decided upon.

A typical dish in season right here and now is lumpfish roe served together with blinis.

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