March 31, 2015

Transformation from ugly duckling to beautiful swan

The "famous" AFTER photo
At last my kitchen is gone through the very last transformation from being "ugly duckling" to becoming the beautiful swan as known from the famous HC Andersen's fairytale   "The Ugly Duckling".
I was really happy about the completely :-) The final result is just as I had imagined it would be, maybe even better in reality than in my imagination.

The "famous" BEFORE photo

The special ingredient
A total of 140 ceramic tiles in five different colors have been putted up in a Marimekko-style mosaik pattern The tiles are made of ceramic artist Dorthe Hansen, and it took her about 2 months to make my tiles after Christmas time and it´s present related orders were all done. Each tile in 10x10 cm costs 29 kr / each.

When I made the agreement with the bricklayer, I asked specifically about an experienced bricklayer, who would be interested in an exciting and challenging task.
And this demand of mine was met ! Even the difficult places around the window is performed perfectly with both half and quarter tiles.
The tiles in itself is not a standard item, so there was variation in the size between each tile of 2 mm. Despite this, the bricklayer has manages to keep straight lines.
It's a really nice piece of work done by the bricklayer:-)


  1. LOOKS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!
    So when is it time for a "Kitchen Warming" Party?

    1. Dear Karin,

      lets see, when I will open my door leading into a warm kitchen ! Kirsten


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