March 03, 2015

Converting the guest room into a library

After being busy in my kitchen, I decided to continue my "decoration work", while I still are waiting for the kitchen wall tiles to arrive as finishing touch in my kitchen.

So fare a spare bedroom in the house has been used as guest bedroom, which very easily is turned into a storage room, when there is no guests !!! So more a room, where you close the door firmly !!!

In connection with usual sale around New Year, I saw that the price on Mistral shelving system was reduced with 35%. So quickly I got the guest room measured up, calculated that I could fit in 15 bookcases !!!!

Painting the room
After the shopping at the furniture store I went shopping for some white paint, so I could paint the entire room - walls, ceiling and panels. All the details, where you put up the painting tape and cover the floor with cardboard paper always feel like taking for ever, before you can get on with the actually paint work. When you are using a paint roller, painting the big surface basically takes no time to turn into a refreshing new look.

All the book boxes ready for unpacking
A week after the shopping all the many book shelves arrived, so yet again the floor in my living room was full with cardboard boxes. So I spend a Friday evening releasing the many book boxes and caring them upstairs.

After placing the 15 book boxes around the wall of the former guest room, the room was for sure turned into a library - yet empty- but a library full of opportunities :-)
Empty room ready to receive book boxes

The day after I could continue by filling up the entire floor with all my many books, grouping them in theme or by author in alphabetical order. I ended up with the themes like crimes, cooking books, travelling guides, children book from my childhood, biography, specific themes of Jane Austen and Harry Potter (in original language !).
I still have a bed in my library, so guests staying over still has a bed to sleep in :-) Both Hannibal the Car and I are now enjoying to spend time in the fantastic room, I am reading on one end of the bed, while the garden lion is taking a nap in the other end.

The next plan for the room is to change the colour from purple/red into mainly green, so I am looking for some new sofa cushion and a new bed blanket in various shops. This part of the process can easy ends up costing a fortune, so lets see, if I can find a less expensive solutions such as knitting a sofa cushion myself or ???

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