March 15, 2015

"Gold ore" brunch for fellow rowers 2015

As a "thank you very much for your time" to my fellow rowers for rowing together with me during the season of 2014, so I once again managed to cross the magic figure of 1500 km required for a "Gold Ore" (actual I rowed 1607 km in 2014), I as usual decided to invite the rowers, who have spend the most time together with me in the rowing boat, for brunch today.

Actually if you estimate, that you row 6 km per hour - 1607 km equals 268 hours of rowing last season or 11 days and 4 hours spend in a rowing boat in rain, wind or sunshine.

Hannibal as usual decided to take a nap on the dining table among plates, glass, cups and the foods. He can actually sleep, even though that I kept putting more and more things on the table !!

The brunch menu was:

And for our "sweet tooth" I had baked cookies with raspberry and white chocolate.

I got some wonderful hostess gifts, which is bringing inspiration to my kitchen as well goes perfect with a cup of tea.

Now I am so ready for the a new rowing season, which starts the last Saturday in March :-)

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