April 26, 2015

The kitchen garden is getting ready for a new season

My "kitchen garden " basic consist of a selection of various pot, a capillary box, two apple trees, one raspberry bush and 4 rhubarb plant in planted in small corner of the garden.

I have received a small collection of seed potatoes from a good working colleague, as I am planting potatoes in 8 plastic potatoes pots. So if I had to buy my own seed potatoes, when I would not plant potatoes, as I only have a need for 8 seed potatoes.

This year I receive 2 Sava, 2 Linzer, 2 Erica and 4 Ariella potatoes.

When I planting potatoes I also planted a new lemon thyme and a new oregano in my green ceramic pots, so the overwinterting herbs (mint, lemon balm and rosemary) could get some new company.

While I busy outside in the garden Hannibal the Cat was taking an afternoon nap inside.

I am keeping an open eye with my garden everyday, so I see, if the apple tress have started to bloom. And the tulips I am keeping an open eye with.

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