March 15, 2016

High tea at Gasfabrikken, Horsens

Sunday afternoon my good friends in Horsens and I enjoyed high tea at a new restaurant in Horsens by the name of Gasfabrikken. They are are serving their version of high tea with a Danish modern twist ! The high tea menu follows the English style of sandwich, scones and sweet treats served with either tea of coffee (!!!! yes, you are reading correctly coffee, but this is Denmark with almost world record in coffee consumption). And together with the tea/coffee plain water is also served !

Part of the high tea menu is, that you are served all the tea and coffee, which you would like to have, this is great :-) And with in the tea you can change tea from time to time, which is fantastic as you do not have to "stick" to one tea through the entire high tea.

The high menu is made up from:

  • sandwiches - we were served ham with vegetable mixture
  • scones in square sharp (unusual form, but very inspiring) served together raspberry jam and lemon cream
  • lemon pie
  • brownie
  • cookie with dark chocolate
For high tea you have to pay 150 DKK (approx 20 €) including all the coffee and tea, which you can drink. We were served 4 pots of three different teas and 1 pot of coffee. The tea were served hot each time :-)

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