March 18, 2016

Tefal Snack Collection - kitchen equipment 27

In February I was contacted, if I would like to receive a Tefal Snack Collection with three different insets. The insets stakes for the Club Sandwich and Belgian waffles were standard, while I could choose between the insets for bricelets, heart sharped waffles or thin waffles. I chose the inset for thin wafers, as I imagine that these thin wafers can both roll and stacked on top of each other for make a dessert / cake in several layers.

As "payment" for this equipment do I need to make a minimum of 3 waffle recipes, all of which include one or more of the following ingredients: lemon, cinnamon, apple, cumin and Greek yogurt.

Waffle Day the 25 March 25 comes original from Sweden, where this name is named Vårfrudagen (Our Lady´s Day), which somehow resemble waffle day ! Vårfrudagen is celebrated the 25 March, which is nine months before Christmas. There is no connection between waffles and vårfruedag besides from confusion.

So keep an eye on my blog in the near future, I will be testing and sharing various recipes using having waffers as theme in both savoury and and sweet version.

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