May 24, 2016

Birthday lunch together with the girl friends

I was celebrating my birthday last Sunday with a lunch for my good girl friends.

As table decoration I used a selection of my many green vases incl my latest addition from the Whit market at Trapholt.The flower input for the vases forget-me-not going at the boarders of one neighbour´s garden, while the lilac has picked in another neighbour's garden, while she was not at home !

As usual the the local garden lion needed to rest on the dining table just before, I laid the table :-) I did not serve the cat for the guests !

I will be sharing the various recipe from this birthday lunch in the very near future.
As starters we had first some small puff pastry pies with goat cheese, honey, rosemary and chopped pecan nuts.

The second starter was patty shells with a filling of carrots, asparagus and scrimps.

As the more filling part of the lunch I served pirog with vegetable filling, tortillas with chicken, rhubarb compote, boiled potatoes, steamed asparagus, fresh cucumber and radish and cream-lemon dressing. The bread part was the great tasting Manitoba bread with maple syrup.

The sweet for the afternoon coffee was a cheese cake with white chocolate and rhubarb fitting perfect in the theme of May.

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  1. Hi Erbse,

    I can say the same about the great company :-) Kirsten


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