February 19, 2017

Shopping in Finland February 2017

I recently been on a business trip to Helsinki, where I as usual travel up with an almost empty suitcase and return back home with a suitcase full of plenty of shopping of various kinds such as Fazer chocolate, sweet treats like to Germany Christmas cookies (on sale), French cookie and English Rose tea, which all made into my suitcase due to the items being in some wonderful metallic tins.

A ceramic Christmas/Winter fairy light chain was also among my shopping, which I found at Madeby Helsinki selling goods of local crafts workers. The ceramic work is created by Mvinkaa,where I already have this green ceramic vase.

Finally I also did some cloth shopping at both Aino and Marimekko. Actually I do most of my cloth shopping, when I am in Finland, as I like the design, the big selection and the lower price (compared to Denmark).

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