March 19, 2017

March shopping in Lübeck

This weekend my mother and I went on a prolonged weekend to Ahrensburg in Holstein, quiet close to Lübeck, so we spend some time Saturday in Lübeck looking at the old houses, visiting Niederegger marzipan house etc. I also found a tea shop, where I brought three new teas for my tea pot
  • Wildkirsche: black tea with flavour and cherry fruit pieces
  • Lübecker Marzipan: black tea, rose tea, almond pieces and flavour
  • Venezianische Rose: black from Ceylon, China and India tea with peach and rose flavour, rose petals and flavour
Besides from tea I brought various small kitchen items with 30% discount in form of:
  • container of lemon leftovers
  • apple divider
  • melon baller
  • grapefruit spoons with sharp knife pattern at the end
I am looking forward to see, if the grapefruit spoons will make it more easy to eat grapefruit without getting messy fingers and grapefruit juice everywhere next time, when I am enjoying honey glazed baked grapefruit.

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