March 14, 2017

March shopping in Oslo

During a recent business trip to Oslo I had the option of a small walk during the city center of Oslo, where I went to have look at the tea shop Black Cat. This time I brought a tea called China Rose, which is black Chinese tea from Congue with addition of rose petals. As usual a tea with flowers inside is a must-have tea.

In the airport I also had a look at the their gin selection. I must admit, that I am not impressed by the gin selection, which you can buy in Oslo Airport. Anyway I found a small batch Norwegian gin by the name "Harahorn", where Norwegian spices, berries and herbs are used such juniper, blueberries, rhubarb, bladderwrack, angelica root and wild marjoram. I am looking forward to taste this gin, perhaps together with my good friends from Horsens.

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