March 11, 2018

"Silver ore" tapas lunch for fellow rowers

As a "thank you very much for your time" to my fellow rowers for rowing together with me during the season of 2017, so I managed to row more than 1000 km required for a "Silver Ore" (actual I rowed 1465 km in 2017), I invited the rowers, who have spend the most time together with me in the rowing boat, for tapas lunch today.

Actually if you estimate, that you row 6 km per hour - 1531 km equals 244 hours of rowing last season or 10 days and 4 hours spend in a rowing boat in rain, wind or sunshine.

I used the term "tapas lunch" as I was serving a selection of various small dished such as Greek salad with feta (as I soon will go to Greece on a Spring rowing tour), mini mozzarella cheese with cocktail tomatoes, cucumber slices with topping of skyr and smoaked cheese,  plate with various Italian ham and sausages, humus, tzatziki, green olives with Feta cheese, Turkish style yogurt dip, pate with walnuts. All this was served together with rye bread, crisp bread and cooking pot bread with marple syrup.

The sweet finishing for the lunch was raspberry tiramisu.

My fellow rowers brought me a flowers and some new small sea bags for my purse and mobile phone, so now I am ready for a new rowing season, which starts the last Saturday in March :-)

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