July 18, 2019

July - what's up

July - what's up

July is the second month of Summer here in Denmark, and a Danish Summer can be anything from rain over wind to sunshine. So fare it has been an average Summer.

Here in July various berries plays a big role, so you can either buy local produced berries in the supermarket, at small booth along the roads or perhaps just walk into your own or neighborough's  garden to pick fresh berries.

If you have plenty of strawberries you can make this strawberry jam, where apple is used to gel the jam. You could make this strawberry jam with elder flowers.

Another great tasting jam is this gooseberry jam

Besides from jams you can also make jellies like red & black currant jelly, which you can consider as the very first preparation for Christmas 2019 !!!!

Raspberries can either be used for raspberry vinegar or raspberry jam.

I hope you will look by my kitchen from time to time here in July to see, what kind of activities are taking place in my kitchen or in the garden :-)

So fare I have been the following stuff involving Summer berries in my little kitchen here in July:

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