July 24, 2019

Red & black currant jelly - preparing for Christmas

Today is the 24th July, so there is 5 months to Christmas Eve and the classic Christmas dinner, which for many Danes involved preparing and eating duck or goose.

A trick to get a good flavour in the sauce for the duck/goose is to add into red currant jelly to boost the flavour. The jelly on it´s own is also a great item for serve together with duck/goose and game in general.

It is the season for picking currants in the garden right here and now in Denmark, so now you can actually start your very first Christmas preparation for the Christmas of 2019 !!!

I learned to make this jelly with both red & black currant last year, when I participated in this Summer preserves course.

As my garden is very small, I was lucky to "source" the red currants from a work colleague garden and the black currants I could pick in the garden of my good friends in Horsens.

I will also make a twist to this jelly recipe using a combination of all currants (black, red and white currants), so look by in the near future to see this recipe.

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