August 15, 2020

Anker Summer Tee - ready - steady - wear


After my Summer break (where I had yarn from Önling Summer knit box with me on my bus & train travel around Jutland), it was been time again to finish of my knitting on Anker Tee. With the present Summer weather there is plenty of opportunities to use this Summer Tee. As yarn I have used the yarn Line from Sandnes Garn , which is 53% cotton, 33% vicose & 14% linen, so I hope I can use this tee quiet some time into Autumn. 

Of yarn I used 8 x 50 g, so the tee has costed me 296 DKK for the yarn and 40 DKK for the knit recipe or a total of 336 DKK (44 €).

I have already started on my next project knitting Sunday Tee by Petiteknit using some of the yarn, which I brought on my first Summer vacation

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