August 14, 2020

Gin with elder flower syrup


Summertime has really arrived here in Denmark with plenty of sun and high temperatures above 25'C, so it is time to enjoy a cocktail full of ice in the shadow. 

This evening I have enjoy this cocktail using this recipe by Big Farm Boys  including Big Farm Boys elder flower syrup. It is a very refreshing cocktail on a warm sunny Summer evening. Another option could be this Elder flower gin tonic.

Gin with elder flower syrup: - 1 cocktail
  • 6 cl plain gin
  • 6 cl Big Farm Boys elder flower syrup
  • ice cubes
  • 12 cl Galvanina limonata lemon soda
  1. Shake the gin, elder flower syrup and ice cubes together in shaker.
  2. Pour it into a high ball glass.
  3. Pour lemon soda on top.
  4. Cheers & enjoy :-)

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