October 17, 2011

Lunch again at Hopballe Mølle

My mother and I "bravely" enough decided to eat lunch Hopballe Mølle yesterday !!!! This was a bad decision made by us !!!!!

This time both the food and the service service level were unexpected BAD.

  • We were seated at more or less the only table, which did not contain used plates, glasses and cups.
  • It took the "waiter" 15 minutes to ask us, what we would like to eat.
  • When we were served the food, the waiter promished us a free cup of coffee due to long waiting time, which they "forgot" to serve.
  • While we were waiting I noticed, that the people having the brunch buffet kept asking for more coffee, which apparantly were not noticed by the staff
  • We were sitting in side, but perhaps we should have decided to sit out side, as it was so cold, that I had to grab some plaids in order to keep warm. This was due to the owner running in and out the door to pick up used plates ect without closing the door behind him.
  • The worst thing was, that the food was not perfect. Instead of crunchy bacon, we got big unpleasant fat lumps. Some of the asparagus was not cooked enough and the bun was quiet tricky to chew.
So I will NEVER EVER return to Hopballe Mølle for eating !!! My mother said, that she wished, she had asked me to cook lunch for her, instead of inviting me out for lunch.

Do you also know the feeling, that you are getting angry on yourself, because you did not get up and left the place ?? This was how I felt yesterday !!

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