October 03, 2011

Status on 2011 in my kitchen garden

The wheater was amazing this week-end !! Saturday 1st October we had the last Summer day in 2011, as the temperature was above 25'C !!! Sunday was also full of sunshine, but a few degrees "colder" than Saturday. I spend Saturday morning rowing on Vejle Fjord in sandals, shorts and T-shirt. The rest of the week-end I spend in my little "park" harvesting as well as preparing for spring time 2012 !!!

I harvested 8 chilies from my chili plant having medium strength of the sort cayenne. I am planning to clean these chilies and freeze them down for coming cooking in my kitchen.

I also harvested the last tomatoes from my three different three different tomato plants. A Greek tomato, a "plain" red cherry tomato and a yellow cherry tomato called "Clementine". These tomatoes have tasted wonderful :-)

The "star" in the garden of 2011 has really been my raspberry bush, which has given the most amazing (=best) yield ever :-) Therefore I have been able to enjoy the majority of these raspberries in the coming Autumn and Winter in form of  raspberry jam, raspberry vodka and raspberry vinegar.

Of my two apple trees ONLY one is giving apples this year, a total of THREE apples. So yes, I am bit disappointed about this harvest. Also my fig tree has been having a "bad" year here in 2011, the one and only fig did not mature at all !!!

So below you can find my status evaluation on my kitchen garden for 2011.

However, I also spend some time preparing for spring time 2012 using some of the tulip bulbs, which I found in Holland.

In the peony bed I managed to put down 60 Double Tulips Angelique, as the look of these tulips really looks like peony to me.
An Easter bed should also celebrating the Easter of 2012 in my park, if it is goes according to my plan. It is made up of:
  • 5 Narcissus Butterfly Orangie
  • 5 Narcissus Butterfly Trepolo
  • 5 Narcissus Butterfly Printal
  • 5 Narcissus Trumpet Mount Hood
  • 5 Narcissus Double Replete
  • Planting tulips is a bit like playing memory card ! Is this "place" free during spring time or is it already occupied by someone else ? As I recall it, this spot should be "free", so hopefully these tulips
  • 10 Botanical Tulips Saxatilis
  • 10 Botanical Humulis Alba Coeulea Oculata

  • will be able to survive for a longer time in my garden compared to the tulips, which only last for 1-2 years.

    Also this spot should be free, so here I planted
    25 Virirdiflora Tulips
    And here there should room for 5 Ornithogalum Magnum

    When spring time 2012 arrives in my garden I will share the outcome of my garden activities this week-end with you.

    Now I "only" lack to plant the 200 crocus bulbs in the lawn in order to get closer to my dream of my own private Hyde Park.

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