July 10, 2012

Rumtopf - now with raspberries in-side

Again this morning I found some more fresh fruit on my work desk from another colleague, this time it was freshly picked raspberries. All my colleagues providing fruit for this Summer Challenge of mine will get a portion of the Rumtopf, when it is finished some time around Christmas.

Based on  the last Rumtopf post I received a suggestion from one of you on adding gooseberries into the Rumtopf. I discussed this suggestion with my good girl friend living in Horsens, who is the actual owner of the Rumtopf. During this discussion it turned out, that she is having a "childhood trauma" after been eating too many sour/acidic gooseberries. Therefore we decided to make this Rumtopf ONLY on red fruits !!!!

So remaining on my list of "fruit supplier" I now have the following fruits:
  • cherries
  • blackcurrant
  • blackberry
  • plums
I cleaned the raspberries followed by weighing them, so I know the amount of sugar need as well. Afterwards I add them on top of fruit already in the rum "soup" topping of with yet some more Strohrum. 

    Content in Rumtopf as of today:

    Raspberry in the rum "soup"
    • Rhubarb + sugar
    • 580 g strawberries   
    • 290 g sugar
    • 318 g red currants
    • 157 g sugar
    • 160 g raspberries
    • 80 g sugar
    • Rum, rum and yet some more rum

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