July 09, 2012

Almost alcohol-free sangria

My manager served strawberry muffins with this very refreshing (almost) alcohol sangria, before he went on summer vacation last week at work. He had found the recipe here Jordbær muffins. In order NOT to get us "drunk" at work, he had decided to replace the wine part of the sangria with apple cider. I had a lucky day, as I managed to get hold of both two glasses of the sangria as well as the recipe :-)

Hopefully you will enjoy this sangria during some wonderful warm summer days :-)

Almost alcohol-free sangria: - 1 liter

  • 1 orange
  • 2 peaches
  • 200 g fresh strawberries
  • 2½ dl orange juice
  • 1½ dl strawberry concentrate
  • 3/4 l apple cider - 0.8% alcohol
  • ice cubes
  1. Cut the orange into slices and afterwards into small pieces
  2. Cut the peaches into small pieces
  3. Cut the strawberries in small pieces
  4. Add the orange juice, strawberry concentrate and apple cider into a large bottle. Place this bottle cold for minimum one hour.
  5. Place a selection of the fresh fruit into a large glass together with some ice cubes. Fill the glass with the  sangria mix.
  6. CHEERS :-)

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