July 16, 2012

Summer dinner at Madhimlens Madhus

Madhimlens Madhus

My good friends living in Horsens are regular visitor/guest at Fru Møllers mølleri, where they buys flour and various of meat. Located on the same premises is also Madhimlens Madhus, which is focusing on local food.

This good girl friend of mine took a great initiative recently, asking by mail, if our circle of girls friends would join her for dinner at Madhimlens Madhus. And luckily enough all our busy calendars fitted perfect together, so we could meet up for a evening meal.

We decided to arrive earlier, so we could have a look around the farm and farm shops. On our tour around we meet this lovely happy pigs :-) And apparently I have a special attraction for pigs !!!! So as soon as I got close to the pigsty, all the pigs came running towards me !!!! By doing that, a small boy standing as well at the pigsty together with the rest of is family saw the pigs leaving him and running towards me, so he started to cry :-(

Attracting the local pigs

After our looking around we headed towards the restaurant, where we started by having an appetiser outside in the patio. Here we could for once the summer be sitting outside in a lovely summer evening. The Danish summer has not been providing many of such evenings this year. So we really enjoy, that it was possible for side out-side.
Madhimlens Madhus is serving a set menu in form of one starter, one main course and one dessert ! So if you do not like this menu, you have to find another place to eat.

A good thing at this restaurant is, that you can choose to have a wine buffet together with your meal. This means you can drink/enjoy as such wine as you like from two white wines, one rose wine and two red wine. Great idea !!! at least if you having a driver with you, which I had :-)
Afterwards we were seated in-side a garden tent, where various tomatoes plants were hanging in ceramic bowls. Interesting way for growing tomatoes.

It was also great to see, how the food was served on different style of plate druing the entire meal. Perhaps of inspiration for later use at home ?
Appetiser served in the garden before dinner - scrimps snacks, grassini with dressing containing herbs from the restaurant´s kitchen garden.
Yet another small appetiser as a start to the evenings meal. It consisted of scrimps from Rømø and fresh broccoli and cauliflower from the island of Samsø.
As the actual starter we got fillet of plaice served with watercress, foam and spelt muesli. The foam had a great mouth feel, as it was not disappearing to fast in my mouth.

Great fish and fantastic foam structure !

Two different type meat from a "happy" veal, artichoke, stowed peas and carrots and off cause fresh potatoes. And again everything were coming from the local neighbourhood.

I really liked the little details of patty shell with stowed peas and carrots.

Mousse of ymer (Danish type of fresh cheese) served together with fresh rape seed honey from Randlev, honey cake and sorbet made from elder flower cordial.

I have a sweet tooth, so I would have like some more sweetness in ymer mousse. The structure of the mousse has a little to heavy for me, I prefer light mousse structure.

All in all it was an great evening in good company and some good food and plenty of wine at least to me.

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