April 20, 2013

Bread mixture with carrot and red beet from Urtekram

I found this bread mix from Urtekram in my local supermarket. And as I was getting a 20% discount I decide to buy a bag and test it out. Besides from flour the bread mix contains dried carrot and red beet "stuff", which is giving colour to the dough as well as final bread. Looking into the bread mixture being dried, you can not the orange or purple colour of these vegetable, however, when you have added in the water and start to knead the dough, the colour is turned on !!!

In my opinion you can easily increase the water amount from 500 g (5 dl) to 550 g (5½ dl), as the dough is quiet firm to work with. I decided to use the recommend water amount, as I had no idea, how it would the dough would work during the kneading process.

Besides from the water you have to add salt, oil and yeast to bake this bread mixture. I was paying approx 30 DDK for this bread mixture, so it would be cheaper for you to bake your own bread (still using organic wheat flour), and when add some grated carrots and red beet into the dough. However, I am can easily see the advantages of using the bread mixture, if you do not have flour being a basic ingredients in your kitchen.

So would I buy this bread mixture again myself. Yes, I would buy the bread mixture, if I can get it with a discount, otherwise I find it too expensive.

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