April 27, 2013

Eating yogurt in New York

The Dannon Yogurt cafe on Park Avenue
In connection with work I was on a business trip to New York 2 weeks ago. And here some of my colleagues had mentioned, that in New York you should go and eat yogurt in two different yogurt cafes having focus on selling yogurt and nothing than yogurt like fast food.
Wall decoration at Dannon yogurt cafe

Working professional with yogurt I just knew, that I need to experienced these yogurt cafes on my own body and in my very own mouth and stomach. When some of my American colleagues heard about my plans, they wanted to join in on my "yogurt voyage", which I managed to convince them about was a "bad idea", as I need time to re-adjust to a time difference of 6 hours. They got my message, so I could walk New York thin with my stomach filled with yogurt !!!!

I started my "yogurt voyage" at the Dannon yogurt cafe called "The Yogurt Culture Co" located on Park Avenue. Here you can influence the actual yogurt, which you will be eating, as you can have the yogurt either as yogurt or as frozen yogurt, which is the first selection step.

Naturally I decided to choose the real stuff in form of Greek yogurt (with fat) for a yogurt parfait. When the next selection step was, which fruit puree should be mixed into the yogurt. Being feed up with strawberry yogurt I went for the white peach. A small layer of the puree in filled into the bottom of the cup, and the rest of the fruit puree with some honey is mixed with the yogurt in a bowl, before a yogurt layer is filled on top in the serving cup.
Inside the Dannon yogurt cafe
Next step in the preparation process was, that I had to select three different topping for this yogurt parfait. I selected some fresh strawberries as the first fruit layer. More yogurt was added on top of the strawberries in the serving cup, followed by fresh blueberries and the rest of the yogurt. Finally I choose walnuts as the third and final topping for my yogurt parfait.
Larger stainless steel pots with various Dannon yogurt

List of purees to be mixed with the yogurt

Selection of fruit, nuts & spices as yogurt toppings

The yogurt parfait is served in a plastic cup with a plastic spoon. The price for such a yogurt parfait is 6.85 $. And this volume of approx 400 ml really filled up my stomach serving as an evening meal.

My overall impression of the Dannon yogurt cafe remains me of a Starbucks cafe with it´s brownish interior and rusticness.
My yogurt parfait
Chobani yogurt on Prince Street
The morning after I continued my "yogurt voyage" walking something like 60 blocks from my hotel to the Chobani yogurt cafe located at Prince Street. Here your only part of the selection process is to select your favourite between various yogurts on the menu card. You can select between fruit yogurt and more savoury like yogurt either with cucumber or with salmon.

Inside the Chobani yogurt bar
The waitress will forward your order to the preparation room next to the cafe, where you through windows can follow the work process. Afterwards the yogurt is handed over you. The yogurt is served in a real glass cup with a wood like spoon. The look of the yogurt remains me as something from an a la carte restaurant. When you hand back the dirty glass, you are asked, if you would like to have a clean glass with you. Off cause I said yes to this offer :-)

A cup of yogurt cost 5.50 € incl a clean glass to bring with you home.

In the Chobani yogurt cafe, where are no tables or chairs as in the Dannon yogurt cafe, so you are sitting on the window still, while you eat your yogurt. I got the feeling of a chic cafe at the Chobani yogurt cafe.

My favourite was the Chobani yogurt cafe due to the look of the cafe, the look of the served yogurt and that I got a glass.
My yogurt in form Blueberry Power


  1. Looks great! 400 ml is LOT - I would have prefered to try several different ones :-)

    1. This yogurt parfait with a total of 400 ml was actually my evening meal, so the size was OK for such a purpose.

  2. Awesome! No words. You always go one step beyond.

    There is so much great, useful information here. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Read our guide if you wish.

    Thanks again :)


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