April 10, 2013

Dinner at Hotel Orchidee, Aalster, Belgium

Starter - salad with goat cheese
Recently I was on a business trip to Belgium, where I stay in a smaller town called Aalster, close to Ghent. As I walked from the station to the hotel I only noticed pizza shops as possible places to eat my evening meal, so therefore I decided to have my evening meal at the hotel, where I stayed.

As starter I decided to go for a salad with goat cheese. The salad consisted of warm goat cheese served together with dried apricot, red onion, tomato, green olives, pine kernels and some salad leafs. As dressing was used pomegranate cordial, actually plenty of pomegranate cordial, so the salad turned out to be very, very sweet just like a dessert !!! Otherwise the combination of warm goat, pine kernel and dried apricot was quiet interesting.

As main course I took a more traditional dish in form of beef served together with sauce Bearnaise and fries. I really liked the idea of serving the fries on it´s own in very hot china cone in order to keep the fries warm during a longer time.

In total this meal costed 39 € for goat salad, beef, water and a glass of white wine. It was a decent meal, but not expectational.
Beef with sauce Bearnaise

Portion of Belgian fries

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