April 28, 2013

Eating at Ruth´s Chris Steakhouse at Westchester, NY, USA

Raspberry Rosemary Cosmo
During my stay in the White Plain area in the state of New York my American colleagues and I had a first dinner together at Ruth´s Chris Steakhouse.

Our dinner had something of something of "interesting" start to it, as I as the very first person, when asked by the waiter, ordered a Raspberry Rosemary Cosmo. Here I suddenly noticed some strange looks around the table from some of my American colleagues. After the first silent moment, one of my colleagues said "we can also start with beer" to the rest of the table !!!!! Big chock for all - the Dane drinks alcohol - strong alcohol !!!

Steak with large scrimps
It was the composition of the drink, which really attracted my from the start. The description is the menu was: Absolut Raspberry Vodka, Cointreau, freshly squeezed lime juice, cranberry juice, muddled raspberries and fresh rosemary. This combination of raspberry and rosemary was too appealing to me. In my opinion the note of rosemary was too little, so it could have used some more rosemary.

Being full of yogurt from New York I decided only to have a main course in form of steak served with large scrimps on top. At this specific restaurant the main course is not served with any side dishes (only the mentioned meat), so if you like to have vegetable or fries or sauce with your main course you need to order this as well. I decided to go for some fries.

Due to the fact, that you need to order side dishes to your main course, it is actually quiet expensive to eat at this restaurant. And the overall food impression for me is that of the ordinary, nothing expectational.  I will give the experience 2 stars.
Various side dishes for the main course

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